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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel within 30 days and pay nothing. Cancellation is self-service, fast and easy.

Can I upgrade my account?

We make it easy to upgrade your account directly from your Bubble dashboard.

Do you offer a 30-day trial?

All of our plans include a 30-day free trial. We want you to test it out and make sure you love it before you pay anything!

What is a user account?

A user account is a sub-account for your bubble. This allows you to have multiple users for 1 Bubble with different profiles and traffic privacy.

How many users can I add to my bubble?

The number of user accounts you can add to your Bubble depends on your plan level. Here are the number of user accounts allowed for each plan:

  • Lite Bubble: 1 user account
  • Standard Bubble: Add up to 5 user accounts
  • Power Bubble: Add up to 10 user accounts

Can I add more than 10 users to my bubble?

Yes absolutely! Please email us for a custom quote if you need more than 10 users for your Bubble.

What is Bubble SecurityCloud?

Bubble has applications that extend the core functionality of your bubble. For example:

  • BlockParty!™ blocks all ads, including native apps. It also blocks malware, scams and phishing attempts.
  • Snitcher™ observes all traffic on your device and allows you to block stuff you don’t like (i.e., add rules to BlockParty!™). Snitcher is not included with the Bubble Lite plan. 
  • ShadowBan™ allows you to block users on discussion sites without them knowing you’ve blocked them. ShadowBan is not included with the Bubble Lite plan.

We have more apps on the way!

How do I request an invite code to sign up?

You can request an invite code by providing your email address and requesting an invite here.