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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Bubble.

The Internet has become a chaotic place! Spam, scams, malware, behavioral tracking, data breaches, oh my! Many people feel powerless to protect themselves against these online threats and invasions of their personal privacy.

Bubble is here to help. Bubble provides a personal data security platform to keep you and your information safe when you go online. Your secure internet experience all starts with BubbleVPN, a dedicated virtual private network that is yours and yours alone. 

Instead of running on a VPN server with a bunch of other VPN users, your Bubble runs on its own dedicated system that only you can access. This gives you control of the traffic and information that flows through your Bubble. We pair your dedicated VPN with a powerful set of VPN-powered apps to unlock advanced control and personalization of your internet experience.  

With Bubble, you are in control! 

  • Stay anonymous & secure online
  • Block behavioral tracking and intrusive ads
  • Stop malware, scams, and phishing attempts
  • Stay protected across all your devices – including in native apps

I started Bubble because I was disappointed with the options for running a VPN today:

  • Lack of privacy. There are tons of “VPN as a Service” offerings on the market, and invariably they all require you to route all your traffic through their global multi-tenant infrastructure. I don’t want my traffic commingled with anyone else’s. I don’t want my traffic running across a VPN that my vendor can see into, or someone else can hack into.
  • Self-hosting is hard. You can run your own VPN, but this requires substantial technical expertise. I have that expertise and I wanted to create something that regular people could use too.
  • Awful user experience. Whether you choose a VPN service or host your own, the user experience generally sucks. Some of the services suck less, but they all suck. They’re hard to setup, hard to use, and sometimes they break the Internet for you.

With these frustrations in mind, we created Bubble!

Bubble is Private

As private as a self-hosted VPN. Your Bubble is a dedicated system, yours and yours alone. Traffic between your devices and your Bubble is not visible to Bubble, Inc.

Bubble is Simple

Even easier to use than a hosted VPN. Just launch your Bubble and install the Bubble app on your devices; they’ll automatically connect to your Bubble. If you ever need to disconnect, it’s one button-touch away.

Bubble is Fun!

We’ve put time and effort into making the Bubble experience a truly joyful one. We hope you’ll find using Bubble a breath of fresh air!

It was not easy to create a “VPN as a Service” that doesn’t have any access to the VPNs it creates on behalf of its customers. But we did it!

We plan to launch Bubble publicly later this year. Our early-access program is helping us put the finishing touches on it.

If you would like to try out Bubble, please sign up here!

Of course, Bubble is Open Source Software. If you really want to (and have some technical skills), you can launch your own Bubble without us.

So far, I’ve explained why Bubble is a better VPN than anything else. Yet Bubble is much more than a VPN. Once you have a dedicated system with this level of privacy and power, why not see how far you can go? Bubble goes a lot farther, but more on that in my next post.

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Author: Jonathan Cobb

Founder and CEO of Bubble, Inc. Jonathan’s mission is to create software that gives free citizens complete control over their own personal data security.

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