Introducing Bubble SecurityCloud

An easy-to-use personal data security solution to keep you and your information safe online. Protect your privacy, browsing history, financial information, online activities, and more from hackers, thieves, and scammers!
Bubble SecurityCloud across devices

A New Level Of Online Privacy And Data Security

Bubble SecurityCloud App Turning On and Off

Personal VPN + Extensible Applications

Bubble provides the most secure and private VPN on the market today. We couple our dedicated private VPN with an extensible application framework. This dynamic duo is the true superpower of Bubble, allowing us to extend our core platform functionality with highly personalized and scalable applications.

Online Security, Simplified

Simply install Bubble and use the internet like you normally do on any of your devices. Bubble does the hard work in the background to keep you protected.

✅  Industrial-strength encryption to protect your data

✅  Block malicious software, phishing attacks, and scams

✅  Stop unwanted behavioral tracking and intrusive ads

✅  Reveal exactly what websites and apps are doing behind your back and where they’re trying to send your data

✅  Stay protected across all your devices – including in native apps!

Bubble SecurityCloud App Suite

SecurityCloud is a suite of applications that seamlessly work together to enhance your internet experience and protect your information online.


Bubble enables you to create your own personal and private VPN. Your Bubble runs on its own dedicated system.


Blocks all ads, including in native apps. It also blocks malware, scams and phishing attempts.


Allows you to block users on forums and discussion sites without them knowing you’ve blocked them.


Observes all traffic on your device and allows you to block stuff you don’t like (add rules to BlockParty!).

How Does It Work?

First, we start with a dedicated virtual private network (BubbleVPN) that is yours and yours alone. This gives you control of the traffic and information that flows through your Bubble. Your Bubble connects you to the internet through a secure encrypted connection – protecting your IP address, personal data, online activity, and more from hackers, thieves, and scammers.

Next, we pair that with an extensible application platform that allows you to connect apps to your Bubble. This extends the core functionality of your secure Bubble.

Then, we layer on a powerful set of native apps to give you greater control and personalization of your internet experience, online privacy, and data security.

A Virtual Private Network That’s Actually Private!

Bubble’s patent-pending technology enables dedicated private VPNs. Instead of running on a VPN server with a bunch of other VPN users, your Bubble runs on its own dedicated system that only you can access. Not even the fine folks at Bubble, Inc. have access to your Bubble. Click here to learn more.

Stay Anonymous & Secure

Safe from spying ISPs and websites

When your phone or computer is connected to a VPN, all of its network traffic will go through the VPN. The connection between your device and the VPN is encrypted, so that none of the network providers in between (for example your home Internet provider or your mobile carrier) can see anything.

Block Ads & Behavioral Tracking

Goodbye, spyware!

Your mobile devices are very chatty. Even when you are not using them, your devices are constantly sending metrics and analytics about your behavior to various data brokers and tracking services. Ad blockers will not block this traffic since there is no “browser” to run the ad blocker. Bubble blocks these types of requests at the network.

Stop Malware & Scams

Stop scammers and malware before they get to you

Let’s say you accidentally click on a link that looks legitimate, but is actually from a scammer. Without Bubble, you see a web page that looks legitimate (for example your online banking site), but is actually run by the scammer. You might not notice any differences, but your Bubble will. With Bubble, instead of taking you to the scammer’s website, you’ll see a “Scam Detected” web page and your Bubble won’t even load the scammer’s web site.

Stop Data Violations By Native Apps & Built-In Device Services

Whenever you go online there’s a lot of information that is being collected in the background without your knowledge or consent. Many apps and websites secretly track your location, access your contact list, and gather data about your online activities, and then share or sell your data to the highest bidder.

Bubble stops both inbound advertising and outbound behavioral tracking. Bubble blocks ads and tracking everywhere – including in native apps. Bubble steps in to stop malware and scams from getting your data.

We’ve Got You Covered

Browse Anonymously

Bubble uses industrial-strength encryption to protect your data: IKEv2 with AES-GCM, SHA2, and P-256.

Block Behavioral Tracking

Mobile devices are constantly talking to various tracking services. Bubble blocks their dispatches.

Automatic Backup & Restore

Bubble creates encrypted daily backups. Restore from backup whenever you desire.

Generous Bandwidth

Every plan includes at least 1TB/month in data transfer and cheap per-GB overage rates. Stream away!

Internet Without Borders

Move your Bubble around the world. Access any content regardless of your location.

Block Malware & Scams

Bubble knows about malicious websites and stops you before you visit them.

Unlimited Devices

There is no limit to the number of devices you can connect to your bubble.

Open Source

Bubble is open-source. Don’t trust us? You can launch your own Bubble and verify it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for “virtual private network”. Traditional VPNs encrypt your data and hide your device’s real location from online services and websites.

How is Bubble different than a traditional VPN?

Traditional VPNs encrypt your data and hide your location from online services and websites. Bubble does this and much more.

Bubble is a patent-pending technology that enables dedicated private VPNs. Instead of running on a VPN service with a bunch of other VPN users, your Bubble runs on its own dedicated system that only you can access. Even the fine folks at Bubble don’t have access to your bubble.

On top of that, your Bubble supports multiple applications that provide unique features to protect your personal information.

What is Bubble SecurityCloud?

Bubble has applications that extend the core functionality of your bubble. For example:

  • BlockParty!™ blocks all ads, including native apps. It also blocks malware, scams and phishing attempts.
  • Snitcher™ observes all traffic on your device and allows you to block stuff you don’t like (i.e., add rules to BlockParty!™). Snitcher is not included with the Bubble Lite plan.
  • ShadowBan™ allows you to block users on discussion sites without them knowing you’ve blocked them. ShadowBan is not included with the Bubble Lite plan.

We have more apps on the way!

Does Bubble block all advertising?

Your Bubble will block the vast majority of ads and behavioral tracking. It also blocks malware, scams and phishing attempts.

We use a curated list of block filters to ensure extremely broad protection. We are constantly refining our filters and techniques to improve your protection. If you discover something that has slipped through the cracks, please contact us at and let us know.

How do I request an invite code?

You can request an invite code here:

Is Bubble compatible with my phone?

Bubble is compatible with Android and iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Does Bubble collect personal information?

Bubble views user data as a liability, not an asset. In accordance with this view, we collect the minimum amount of information required to launch your Bubble. Once your Bubble is running, we collect no further information from you. What happens on your Bubble stays on your Bubble.  Complete information about our data collection can be found in our Privacy Policy

Does Bubble send marketing emails?

Yes, but only if you have explicitly opted-in to our mailing list. We will never auto-subscribe you to any list. Every message we send to our list contains an unsubscribe link.

We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone, ever.

Now, all that being said, you really should subscribe to our mailing list! It’s the best way to keep up-to-date on the latest advances in Bubble technology, and a great way to stay informed about personal data privacy in general.